Revoked Personal Licence – you can now re-apply!

Revoked personal licence? The law has changed. You do not have to wait 5 years and can re-apply now.

This is what you need to do

1. Undertake and pass the full Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders (SCPLH) – CONTACT ME FOR A COURSE DATE AND VENUE NEAR YOU.
2. Apply for a personal licence to the Licensing Board where you now live – this may not be the same as the one which previously issued your revoked personal licence if you have moved home to another area
3. Obtain two colour passport photos one of which should be endorsed by a person of standing in the community with the words “I certify that this is a true likeness of (name of applicant)”, followed by the full name of the person endorsing the photograph.
4. Enclose the SCPLH pass certificate or copy depending on what your local licensing board requires
5. Include your cheque in the sum of £50.00 for the licensing board fee
6. Note some licensing board’s require a copy of your passport or driver’s licence photograph before you can have the application processed – check in advance

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Police Scotland – Update on requests for information

If you are applying for a new premises licence, a transfer of premises licence or variation of premises licence Police Scotland  may ask you to provide details of your bank accounts – both business and personal – they may  also ask for sight of any documentation relating to ownership, lease or other right to occupy the premises referred to in the application.

You do not have to provide that information except if you are compelled so to do by warrant. If the police have reason to suspect you of a crime they require to investigate in the normal manner and they cannot infer because you refuse to comply with this unreasonable request that you should not get a licence.